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About the city

Antananarivo or the "village of miles" in Malagasy, is the economic and political capital city of Madagascar. It is located in the center part of the Island. A trip to Imerina is the promise of an unusual, picturesque and extravagant discovery throughout its many historical monuments and atypical places. To better admire the city in its entire splendor, join the HERTZ agency on site to find the vehicle that meets your expectations and is adapted to the type of road you are planning to travel. To fully enjoy your trip, you have the possibility to choose a daily, weekly, or monthly rental for a serene and comfortable stay.

The inescapable sites in Antananarivo

This destination generates curiosities including museums, charming places to go out and impressive historical monuments. For a cultural walk in the capital, do not miss out on visiting its exceptional sites.

The museums of Antananarivo

The Pirates Museum

The Pirates Museum is a particular place, located on the 4th floor of a building in Tsaralalana. The ethnologist Franz Stadelmann, owner of the site, reveals to the public, the beginning, the rules and the transformation of piracy through twenty paintings. Boat and treasure lovers will not be at the end of their surprises!

The Museum of Paleontology at the Botanical Park of Tsimbazaza

The Tsimbazaza Zoological Park includes a zoo with an arboretum, an ethnology museum and a palaeontology museum. This garden reveals Madagascar’s rich fauna and flora and also reveals dinosaur fossils, including a spine and other bones. A place that archaeological and paleontological apprentices will undoubtedly appreciate.

The Museum of Photography of Madagascar

The Madagascar Photography Museum was opened in February 2018 in Anjohy, a district of the Upper Town. Although it has been virtually present on the Internet since 2013, the museum has taken shape in a building with 19th century architecture. This site presents the history of Madagascar in two exhibition spaces and 4 screening rooms, to the delight of film lovers. For your snacks, take a gourmet break at the Museum Café.

The historical monuments of Antananarivo

The Queen’s Palace

The Queen’s Palace is certainly the most emblematic site of Antananarivo. It stands on the highest hill of the city to offer you a breathtaking view of its surroundings during your visit. The temple, the four precious wooden palaces and the royal tombs are perfectly preserved.

The Twelve Sacred Hills of Imerina

At the end of the 18th century, the King Andrianampoinimerina married 12 women from the opposing villages in order to protect the unity of the kingdoms of Imerina and settled them on each of the 12 sacred hills, by building fortified villages. They are surrounded by « hady » or deep gaps, and equipped with heavy stone doors. We could find princes’ tombs and « Rova .»

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

The sacred hill of Ambohimanga is the starting point of the King Andrianampoinimerina’s conquests. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it contains the most precious heritage of Imerina. It is a fortified enclosure protected by a traditional wall.

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About the city

Toamasina is a green region located east of the Big Island. Visit the HERTZ Toamasina agency to find the right vehicle to explore this city and its wealth. During your explorations, you will come across breathtaking landscapes, but also rich fauna and flora. To make sure you do not lose any of it, HERTZ offers a large fleet of commercial and light vehicles. Choose the one you like from SUVs, 4 WDs or minivans for your group outings. For rental, choose the duration that suits you: a day, a week or a month.

The inescapable sites in Toamasina

Toamasina is the economic capital of Madagascar. This seaside resort is located near the crystal clear lagoons and has a port where vanilla, cloves and coffee are exported.


The former river port of Ivondro was a pirate’s lair in the 17th century. It is located 7 kilometers south of Toamasina and the palm grove is also worth a visit.


Farafaty was the largest Merina fort in the region. It is 7 kilometers from Toamasina, and today only remnants remain. Do not miss to immortalizing the hill surrounded by marshes and its surroundings, which make up a breathtaking landscape.

Nosy Ilaintsambo

The Ilaintsambo Island was once a haven for pirates, then a port. The union of Malagasy princesses and pirates gave birth to the Zanamalata for whom this place is sacred. This Metis dynasty was born when Thomas White ran aground on the reefs that surrounded the island. Indeed, there is a cemetery with the tombs of the family that descends from the dynasty of King Ratsimilaho (17th century). On the island there is also a large cast iron pot, one metre in diameter, in which the royal meals were prepared during the Zanamalata festivals. This pot is still a cult object today, as the inhabitants continue to gather on this site.


Ile-aux-Prunes is an area covered by a dense forest that is ideal for beautiful walks starting from Toamasina. Stroll through the forest or walk to the lighthouse, which stands 66 meters above sea level (the highest in Africa). You will find superb sea floors which you will have plenty of time to explore. In addition, a coral reef belt prevents access to sharks, and you can calmly approach the ocean fauna.

The Alaotra Lake

The Alaotra Lake is located 20 kilometers in the northern part of Ambatondrazaka and covers 22 000 hectares. Excessive deforestation has led to erosion and the creation of vases that have allowed the bottoms to show a red colour. It is surrounded by mountains, tropical forests and small hospitable villages. In addition, this region is home to more than 70 species of land and water birds.

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About the city

Are you planning to go for a trip in the discovery of Antsiranana, in Madagascar? Connect to the HERTZ Agency of Antsiranana to find out the right car for your explorations. By renting a car from our company, you could be sure you will not miss any scenery that the breathtaking landscape will show you. You will have many choices between a wide range of light and utility cars, minivans, etc. The on-site commercial team will support and advise you for the choice of adequate cars for your trips throughout the cities of the north region.

The inescapable sites in Antsiranana

Are you organizing a trip in order to discover the different facets of the north part of Madagascar? Discover a list if the unavoidable and classic sites to fully enjoy your stay. In general, the beaches of Antsiranana are made of white and fine sand. The clear sea shows emerald colors or turquoise blue. By getting to the west part of the region, at Ramena, you will enjoy a rather calm sea where you could find neither waves nor currents. On the opposite, the sea located in the east part is rather rough. Among the sites that are worth a visit are in the sea side, visit the Antsiranana bay, its sugar loaf, the three bays (Baie des Pigeons, the Sakalava bay, the Bay of Dunes), the Mine Cap or Orangea. On the land side, you will have the choice between the red Tsingy, the French mountain, the sacred lake of Anivorano, the Amber Mountain, Joffreville, as well as the Ankarana Park.

The Red Tsingy

Located in the only sedimentary basin of the Big Island, the Red Tsingy is situated just at the foot of the eroded canyons. They are constituted of marl, sandstone, limestone and heterogeneous vegetation which offer a breathtaking view. You will access the entry of the site once you will cross the rice farmer village, at 50 kilometers from Antsiranana. Then, you will have to cross a 20 kilometers track to fully enjoy the charm of the place.

Orangea, the Mine Cap and Ramena

At the moment, the Orangea sector is unfortunately in ruins due to iron looting. Indeed, it once housed buildings with colonial architecture that belonged to the army and was not open to the public. Cape Miné is a territory that has two fronts: the one facing the sea and the other one facing the land. Apart from the canyons, the fortifications witness the presence of the ancient colonial army on site. The Ramena fishermen town is a particular privileged place for the local people and the tourists on weekends. We could find beautiful white sandy beaches extending on 3 kilometers.

The three bays

During your trip along the Sakalava, Pigeons and Dunes bays, you will enjoy wonderful swimming spots. Do not forget to immortalize the beautiful panoramas which will help you discover the fauna and flora wealth of these little paradises. You will also have the opportunity to explore the sea floor of the changing waters which is full of coral reefs.

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About the city

Mahajanga possesses a protected and distinctive landscape. It is located in the Mozambique gulf, in the north part of the west coast of Madagascar. This prefecture of the Boeny region located in the Bombetoka bay contains many ressources worth the visit. To fully enjoy your trip, refer to the Mahajanga HERTZ Agency and rent the adequate vehicle. You have a large range of choices among many vehicles suitable for different uses. Whether you travel in five or more, you will find the right car. Comfortably explore Majunga and do not miss any view the landscape offers you!

The inescapable sites in Mahajanga

Mahajanga possesses multiple sites to absolutely visit. During your trip to this part of the Big Island, you could enjoy long hours of idleness on one of the four principal beaches or explore the national park of Ankarafantsika. Enjoy your stay by discovering the Namor Tsingy, the red circus or the caves of Bolobaka and Anjohibe. The sacred lake of Mangatsa as well as the three markets are also worth a visit. Do not miss to make a trip to the mangrove, through the Antsoheribory site or to immortalize the Boutres Port to make fabulous souvenirs.


Anjohibe is an exceptional natural complex located 83 kilometers at the northern part of the city centre. This site offers swimming sessions in a natural swimming pool or under a waterfall. Caves with huge compartments and a long underground river extending over 5 kilometers also await you.


The Katsepy peninsula is a fishing village that has kept all its authenticity. It is located at the other end of an estuary and is the perfect destination for unforgettable excursions. Many relaxing activities are possible such as fishing, hiking in a green forest or swimming in purple waters.

The Red Circus

The Red Circus is a sedimentary formation composed of ordinary clay with ochre, carmine and pastel colors. Under the influence of the sun, this landscape takes the appearance of a lunar setting and feels like a magical canyon. Make sure you discover the endemic fauna and flora located there, but also the natural drinking sources. This site is located 12 kilometers in northern part of Mahajanga’s city centre, near the Grand Pavois.

The beaches of Amborovy

The inescapable beaches of Mahajanga are undoubtedly those of Amborovy. They include the Grand Pavois beach, the small beach, Maroala and Antsahabingo. You will enjoy a calm atmosphere, as they are not yet victims of mass tourism.

Ankarafantsika National Park

The National Park of Ankarafantsika has an abundant of fauna and flora. It is located 115 kilometres from Majunga, a two-hour drive. With regard to flora, the park is home to more than 800 species, the majority of which are endemic herbaceous and woody plants. It has several animal species, including freshwater turtles, chameleons, reptiles, lemurs, birds and iguanas.

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About the city

Madagascar possesses exceptional floral and faunistic wealth, the majority of which being endemic. For your next holidays, set out to southeast and stay in Fianarantsoa. Do not hesitate to consult the HERTZ Agency in Fianarantsoa so as to help you discover the beauty of the region with the best conditions. You have the choice among a large panel of vehicles for your mountain tours, vast plains and deep valleys, to the discovery of different landscapes. Whether you travel in pairs or in group, you will certainly find the right car, light or commercial ones, SUV, minivan, 4WD.

The inescapable sites in Fianarantsoa

The historical city of Fianarantsoa is the royal capital of the Betsileo sovereigns. It became the administrative capital city of the region in 1830. During your escape, many interesting visits are proposed to animate your stay.

The Andringitra National Park

The national park of Andringitra, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site provides an overview of the natural wealth of Madagascar. Its wild relief fascinates many hikers. To enjoy plainly the different enchanting landscapes, you will have the possibility to indulge yourself in paragliding, in motorcycle trial and in on-site climbing. For unforgettable half-day or full day hikings, stay in the Tsaranoro Valley.
This park offers several circuits during which you will discover breathtaking sceneries. On the Isahavato circuit, you will climb a plateau to discover rare palm trees and admire a beautiful sunset from a wonderful natural pool. As for the Imarivolanitra circuit, you will climb the highest accessible peak in the Big Island. The Imarivolanitra Peak or Boby Peak harbors a unique and splendid food-producing habitat. The Imaitso circuit will help you discover a primary humid forest harboring rare species of birds and lemurs.

Ranomafana National Park

The nature-lovers are invited to go for a visit to the national park of Ranomafana. This place gathers various ecosystems, from rainforests to thick and average altitude humid forests. You will enjoy a green decoration having numerous and delicate orchids. This park also harbors hundred species of birds, 60 species of reptiles and 90 species of butterflies, insects and rodents. On beautiful days, you will certainly meet lemurs including two rare species: the Golden Hapalemur (Hapalemur aureus or Varibolamena) and the Hapalemur simus (Varibolomavo). As for the flora, this park is house for epiphyte orchids, giant fangeons and medicinal plants, ect.


Having about 40 000 inhabitants, the peaceful city of Manakara represents the center of the Antemoro. She attracts many tourists thanks to its tree-bordered avenues, its port, rickshaws, mosques, and buildings dating from the colonial period. To enjoy your stay in the region, organize a canoe ride on the Pangalane canal. You will also have the opportunity to go up to Mananjary within three to four days to get there.

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About the city

Being the capital city of the Boeny region, Taolagnaro is listed among the most charming and diversified cities of the country. It is located at the extreme Southeast of Madagascar, nestled on a littoral stretch. This remote city offers an exceptional escape throughout its rich cultural heritage and its remarkable natural sites. It is the perfect place to discover the wonders of this region for a weekend. So as to fully enjoy your trip, refer to the HERTZ Agency in Taolagnaro and rent the car which is adapted to you needs. A wide range of vehicles are at your disposal. Whether you are planning to have a familial trip or go in couple, you will easily find the optimal car. Discover Taolagnaoro in complete serenity and admire the view that is offered.

The inescapable sites in Taolagnaro

Taolagnaro is full of must-see sites. For your stay in this part of the Big Island, indulge in hours of idleness on the beautiful beach of Libanona or discover the national park of Andohahela. Take advantage of your visit to explore the natural reserve of Berenty or Nahampoana and discover a breathtaking biodiversity. Go to Lokaro Bay where you can walk on the fine sandy beach or dive to admire the multicoloured seafloor.

The natural reserve of Nahampoana

The natural reserve of Nahampoana is located 7 km from Taolagnaro, a haven of peace where you can recharge your batteries. Arrived on site, take a fresh air breath from a natural pool or waterfall. Regarding the flora, find many varieties of endemic plants that go together with the charming bamboo forests. As for the fauna, five species of lemurs are to be discovered, including the Happalemur bamboo, as well as crocodiles and turtles evolving in the center of a luxurious vegetation.

The natural reserve of Berenty

The Berenty reserve is located 86 kilometers at the western part of Taolagnaro. Its way goes through a reserve of carnivorous nepenthes plants and a spiny forest. The Mandrare River valley has a particular landscape with large sisal plantations, vegetation that mixes with other plant species in this part of the region. The reserve is also a shelter to three species of lemurs, including gidros, sifakas and makis, there is also a snake and crocodile zoo. Its botanical garden with its endemic varieties of local flora is also worth a visit.

The National Park of Andohahela

The National Park of Andohahela is located 40 kilometers at the northeast of Taolagnaro. It shelters unique ecosystems composed of spiny bushes and humid forest, with a transition forest of rare beauty in the center. Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it shelters five peaks exceeding the 1500 meters of altitude. As for the fauna, the Iguanidaes live there, much to please the reptile lovers. Many varieties of lemurs also inhabit the area, not to mention the 129 species of birds, where nearly the two-thirds are endemic. The visit of the reserve is carried out on three sites to better appreciate the overall view of its faunal and floral wealth: the sites of Ihazofotsy, Tsimelahy and Malo.

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About the city

During your trip to Madagascar, Toliara is a must. This city is particularly appreciated for its long white sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing, bordered by turquoise water, ideal for diving or kite surfing. This area is also full of essential sites whose visit requires the rental of an appropriate vehicle. Find the right car for you at HERTZ Toliara. You can choose from a wide range of light and commercial vehicles. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals are available to ensure that you don't lose any of your trip. With these cars, you can be sure to move comfortably.

The inescapable sites in Toliara

Toliara is the perfect starting point to discover a coastline which is rich in exceptional sites. It is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, stretching 300 kilometers from north (Andavadoaka) to south (Itampoko). On your trip, explore Anakao, the capital city of the Vezo, two hours away by boat. Also visit the islet of Nosy Ve which shelters the only straw-tailed colony on the whole island. Since time immemorial, the Vezo Sarà has performed rituals in this sacred place. During the annual migrations, you may have the opportunity to meet whales.

Miary's sacred tree

The village of Miary is located 10 kilometers from Toliara. It shelters a sacred banyan tree that attracts many travellers and is undoubtedly worth a visit. To get there comfortably, do not hesitate to rent a 4×4 and enjoy the scenery.

The Tsingy

Tsingy is a true mineral Gruyère classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tsingy de Bemaraha is a park located 200 kilometers north of Morondava. It is famous for its karstic formations that have a needle shape. Take advantage of your trip to discover the Tsingy of Ankarana or the Red Tsingy, located in the north part of the Big Island.


Isalo is a geological formation having a mountainous sandstone massif. It is notched with many deep canyons and bristling with peaks. In addition to abundant rock vegetation and rivers, this national park also contains many lemurs and makis. You will discover natural swimming pools or the Canyon of the Makis. Do not miss to immortalize the window of Isalo or the Queen of Isalo to go back with many beautiful memories.


Increasingly popular with tourists, Anakao combines earthly and marine exceptional biodiversities. Many activities are available to enhance your day: island excursions, longline or troll fishing, backcountry walks and mangroves, etc.

Ifaty and Mangily

The villages of Ifaty and Mangily are located 27 kilometers in the northern part of Toliara. These destinations are ideal to fully enjoy resourcing seaside tourism. Coral reefs in this area are interspersed with channels connecting the lagoon and the high seas. You will have the opportunity to go scuba diving to discover a magnificent landscape of corals, anemones and sponges.