The most beautiful national parks

HERTZ has branches in several cities in Madagascar, including Antananari-vo, Toamasina, Mahajanga, Antsiranana, Taolagnaro, Fianarantsoa and Toliara.Among other things, it offers the rental of specialized vehicles that will take you on a discovery journey of the Big Island. Indeed, Madagascar has many national parks that are worth a visit.
Topo on the most beautiful national parks

A stay in Madagascar is an opportunity to discover, on one side, an exotic culture which has con-served its traditions, and on the other side, an exceptional fauna and flora. The discovery of the most beautiful national parks is the opportunity to admire fabulous landscapes and to meet whales, lemurs, turtles, reptiles, etc. Each park proposes different circuits during which you will discover many endemic animal and floral species in each region or the island.

Isalo National Park

The Isalo National Park is located in the Ihorombe region, at 80 km of Ihosy, in the commune of Ranohira. It possesses a typical geomorphology embellished with endemic river vegetation and a ruiniform massif of continental sandstone. This park also houses hundred plant species, avifauna species, primates and reptiles. The most popular circuit is the natural swimming pool with a lukewarm waterfall. Would you like to take a walk to the Bara and Sakalava tombs? Opt for a bike ride or a tour via ferrata to make the most of the framework.

Zombitse Vohibasia National Park

The Zombitse Vohibasia complex is one of the unavoidable places of a trip to Madagascar. It is located in the south part of the island, in Toliara, and covers 36 308 hectares. It is particularly popular with tourists for its countless rare birds, endemic to the region. There are also the “didieraceae”, including the dwarf baobab or the Grandidier, as well as eight species of lemurs. The proposed tours will take you to meet birds, reptiles and endemic flora. Choose according to your expectations, but also according to your time.

Ankarafantsika National Park

The Ankarafantsika National Park is located on the west coast of the Big Island, in Mahajanga. It features contrasting land-scapes composed of forests, savannas and lakes. This park is home to 823 species of plants, eight species of lemurs and a hundred species of birds. Eight circuits are available to observe or immortalize the different species it shelters. If you wish to visit the raphia workshop where products are designed and marketed, opt for the Ampobilava circuit.

Bemaraha National Park

In the west part of the island, in the Melaky region, you will discover the Bemaraha National Park, classified as a World Heritage Site. To visit this site serenely, choose to go there between May and November, when the roads are still accessible. Two days are necessary to appreciate the landscape of the Tsingy who display different shapes. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know endemic mammals or to immortalize some of the 650 plant species found there to fill up with fond memories. You have the choice among nine circuits for a total change of scenery.