Travelling is also discovering new culinary specialities

Gastronomy is one of the best ways to discover a country. Madagascar is full of copious and spicy culinary specialities assembling land and sea food products. The lo-cal gastronomy is represented by delicious mixtures of meat and vanilla or chilli and fruits, etc.

Rice and Romazava

Although rice (vary) is not considered as being a dish as such, it represents the basic malagasy diet. It is eaten with a vegetable and/or meat dish and is savoured with three times a day (morning, noon and evening). At breakfast, the local people prepare it in a “sosoa” (porridge) version. About tens of varieties are consumed on the island, but the most appreciated is the red rice which has a hazelnut flavor. As for the Romazava, it is national dish composed by local typic ingredients such us leaves and paracress extracts (a kind of spinach) and zebu meat (hen’omby). The stew is composed by different ingredients depending on the region.

Koba and Mokary

The Koba is a cake based on rice flour, crushed peanuts and sugar. The whole is mixed, and then enrolled before enveloping it in a banana leave. The obtained cylinders are put in a container full of water and are baked for hours.
The Mokary is a white rice cake with coconut milk which is available in multiple vari-ants. It is easily found it in the streets and it is enjoyed with coffee at breakfast or at teatime snack.

Lasary and masikita

The Lasary is a traditional condiment composed by fruits and vegetables finely chopped and macerated in vinegar and spices. In the components, we could find carrots, cabbage, pepper, beans seasoned with ginger, chilli and turmeric. Do not miss tasting the mango lasary which deliciously accompanies the romavaza.

The masikita is an emblem of the Malagasy street food. It simply is a marinated zebu meat or seafood brochettes. Once the evening comes, the stands increase in number everywhere. It is eaten in town as well as at the beach, with chilli lasary.

Mofo baolina and sambos

The mofo baolina is a speciality between accras (for its shape and size) and carnival fritters (for the ingredients). Just as banana doughnut (mofo akondro), it is used as a consistent breakfast or snack.
As for the sambos, it resembles samosas. It is composed of chopped meat seasoned with green onions, massalé, garlic, etc.

Ravitoto and ranon’apango

The ravitoto is a dish prepared with crushed cassava leaves. It is often served with pork. The fatty slices are chosen as they enhance taste in the dish. The ravitoto is served plain or mixed with lichen coconut or ginger.

Ranon’apango is a drink served hot or cold during a meal. It is obtained by lightly burning the remaining rice at the bottom of a pot to which water is added and boiled.